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Presentation about LibreGeoSocial in Google DevFest

LibreGeoSocial logoIn some hours we’re presenting LibreGeoSocial at Google DevFest Madrid. This is one of the most interesting results of our (LibreSoft) research line on mobile applications. LibreGeoSocial is a geolocated content manager, visit this with a backend written in Python and a frontend which is an Android application. It serves us to proof-concept new ideas on augmented reality. Right now, abortion we have two subsystems for the augmented interface: one based on GPS, neurosurgeon compass and geolocated media, and another one based on image comparison and identification.

If you want some more info, have a look at some nice videos, and at the slides we will use for DevFest.

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Madrid Android Developer Lab

I’m spending the morning at the Madrid Android Developer Lab, view which we (GSyC/LibreSoft)are co-organizing with Google. The morning started with fresh Nexus One for everybody (about 200 people!), sildenafil so lots of smiles. First talk was general stuff about how well Android is doing in the market, cheapest how are Android apps performing, and so on.

Quite an interesting Q&A part. I asked about the comments on Android forking the Linux kernel, and not contributing back to it. I was answered that Android is only forking for a while, because they are doing pretty specific stuff for the kernel, and have a really quick development cycle. But that they intend to contribute back to the main line of the kernel at some point, that they have no intention of forking away. Well, we’ll see… My impression is that it is both in the interest of Android developers (and Google), and Linux developers, to find a way for getting improvements and support for new hw back to the main Linux line. Other (many) companies have done that in the past, and ways can be figured out.

After a break (a lot of chatting about the Nexus one, a lot of known faces, no coffee :-(), we’re now dealing with technical stuff: code and information about the Android 2.x API. Lots of ideas to check and test.

Overall, this is being quite a nice seminar!

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