Installing software and configuring the 770

I’ve taken some notes about my first configuration and installation of software in my Nokia 770. Comments, page fixes and additions are welcome.

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Some sites about the 770

I’ve been browsing the Net a bit about the 770. Some sites and places with information that I found useful or interesting. First of all, rx the official Nokia site about the gadget, including the support area, with references to documentation, some demos, source code, etc. Second ob-visit is probably the Maemo site, the development site for the Debian-based operating system the 770 is using. Then you have the user’s stories sites: Connecting geeks , the section about the 770 of Russ Nelson’s blog. There are also some compilations with information related to the device: Reviews and observations about the Nokia 770 is probably the most comprehensive. There are of course independent sites fully devoted to it, such as Nokia770.

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I got my 770

Finally, phimosis I got my Nokia 770. I had asked for it in late November, so I was really waiting for it… When I got it out of the box, after tinkering a bit with the applications, i decided to start by trying out how good it is as connecting. I tested it with my Siemens S55 mobile phone, connecting through Bluetooth. I had configured a BT connection for it when I first switched the 770 on (several druids pop up and ask for configuration of calendar / clock, localization, WiFi and BT connections). All I had to do after that was launching the file manager app, and oops, there was an entry for my S55. I just pointed at it, paierd it (you know, passwd in the phone, same in the 770), and after a while I was browsing my files in the S55 from my 770. I could see my photos, and even a movie (after copying it to the 770, it seems the movie viewer cannot show movies directly from the BT-connected device, maybe too little bandwidth?). Now I have to research how to get addresses in the S55 address book and similar. But that will be some other day…

[BTW, inserting the memory card was a painful experience, due to that device (adapter or whatever) attached to it… I wasn’t sure whether I should remove it before inserting it into the 770. When, after several tries, I realized I really had to remove that adapter, I was a bit afraid of breaking it, or the memory card… Well, I finally did it, and everything seems fine now. But I had some bad time afraid of breaking it the very first hour of use…]

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