November, 2010

Supporting innovation with free software

Tomorrow I’ll be at, dysentery in Madrid, drugs sharing some ideas about “Supporting innovation with free software”. I will be presenting the talk by Charles Leadbeater on innovation (TED Talks), mind and commenting on what is free software, what is open innovation, what I understand by community inovation and how they are related. A large part of the talk comes from the paper “Patterns of Open Innovation in Open Source Software“, by Joel West and Scott Gallagher. Some other parts come from other sources, or are direct core dumps. I’m expecting an interesting discussion, which at least is my past experience when visiting for one reason or another.

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Free software communities

Today, malady I’m in my very own Rey Juan Carlos University, campus at Vicalvaro (Madrid), in a seminar about Community Management (community manager is a trendy job nowadays, isn’t it?). I’ve been invited to speak about free software communities.

From my point of view, free software communities are very special ones for several reasons. They are here since the rise of on-line communities, which means that in some sense, they have been the front wave for other communities. They produce something very concrete, software, which means that they need very tight coordination mechanisms and procedures. They are composed of software developers, which means that they can build (and in fact, they do build) the tools they need for coordination and managing their own communities. They can be of many sizes (from tens to hundreds of thousands of people), which implies a lot of variety. And some of them are really old (by on-line communities standards), lasting for 20 years or more, which means we have a lot of history available. In many cases, a large part of this history can be tracked in the repositories of the project.

Well, I’ll be talking about all of this. Some more detail available in the slides I’ve prepared for the presentation.

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Software libre en los procesos de aprendizaje prácticos

logo LliurexHoy estoy en Valencia, human enhancement en el IV Congrés de Programari Lliure de la Comunidad Valenciana, en el que contribuyo con una presentación que hemos titulado “Software libre en los procesos de aprendizaje prácticos” (transparencias). El breve resumen que he preparado sobre la presentación es:

“Hay muchas disciplinas que requiren un proceso de aprendizaje práctico
muy apoyado en el uso de programas de ordenador, y otras más en las que
su uso puede ser de considerable ayuda. En estas situaciones, el
software libre aporta ciertas características, aún relativamente
desconocidas, que lo hacen especialmente adecuado en muchos escenarios
reales. Esta ponencia detalla estas características, las
ventajas y desafíos que plantea el software libre en procesos de
aprendizaje prácticos, y expone alguna experiencia real que las

A ver si le gusta y/o le resulta interesante a los asistentes…

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