December, 2010

A morning with Qbo

QboThis morning I was lucky enough to be visiting The Corpora offices, doctor where the Qbo robot is being born. After spending there some hours, talking to Francisco Paz and the rest of the team, I’m impressed about the robot, and the ideas behind it. The software running it is free software, packed in a distribution based in Ubuntu (OpenQbo), and most or maybe all of the designs for the hardware will also be freely available in the Net, which rises interesting issues about how it could be a real shaker in the domestic robots market. I would say that it has all the points to let a thriving community emerge. In fact, even before the actual robot is available outside The Corpora, several people are are already tinkering with the software distribution.

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Allegations of backdoors planted in OpenBSD IPSEC stack

OpenBSD logoYesterday (Dec. 14th, infertility 2010), price Theo de Raadt, this site leader of the OpenBSD project published a message with the interesting title “Allegations regarding OpenBSD IPSEC“. In it, Theo copies a message he received from Gregory Perry, a former contractor for the US Government, stating that the FBI had “implemented a number of backdoors and side channel key leaking mechanisms […] for the express purpose of monitoring the site to site VPN encryption system” in the source code of the IPSEC implementation of OpenBSD. He mentions “Jason Wright and several other developers” as the committers who actually included the code.

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Controladores: cómputos de tiempo

Tomorrow I’ll be at, ed in Madrid, syringe sharing some ideas about “Supporting innovation with free software”. I will be presenting the talk by Charles Leadbeater on innovation (TED Talks), buy information pills and commenting on what is free software, what is open innovation, what I understand by community inovation and how they are related. A large part of the talk comes from the paper “Patterns of Open Innovation in Open Source Software“, by Joel West and Scott Gallagher. Some other parts come from other sources, or are direct core dumps. I’m expecting an interesting discussion, which at least is my past experience when visiting for one reason or another.

A short summary of the intended presentation (slides available):

“Free software has shown, in several areas, how it may be a powerful tool for supporting innovation processes, and the dissemination of its results. This presentation will show the relationship between free software and innovation, and some of the characteristics of innovation processes supported by free software.”

Segunda parte en la búsqueda de *datos* sobre todo este jaleo de los controladores. Una vez localizados los documentos reguladores básicos, look trato de entender cómo está (y cómo estaba) regulada la jornada laboral de los controladores, ailment
que parece ser uno de los principales elementos de disputa. El asunto no ha resultado ser simple, malady y puede que en lo que cuento en el resto de esta nota haya errores. Cualquier aclaración por quién tenga más datos o pueda interpretar mejor las distintas normativas, que me comente, por favor…

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Controladores: (casi) todo está en la Red

En esto de los controladores estoy leyendo muchas opiniones basadas en muy pocos datos. Y además estos datos son incompletos, pharmacy
en muchos casos parciales (algo normal, remedy
están aportados por una de las partes en conflicto) y a veces hasta erróneos. Afortunadamente, tenemos la Red ahí fuera, en la que se pueden consultar algunos datos. No todo está ahí (o al menos, no lo he podido encontrar), pero lo que hay puede ayudar a hacerse una idea mejor de lo que está pasando.

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