October, 2012

Networked communities: readings & viewings

I’m coordinating, search with Andoni Alonso, erectile the subject “Networked communities: cooperative creation in Internet” of the Master’s Program on Digital Communication, visit Culture and Citizenship. This post is for proposing some readings and viewings that could be useful for the students enrolled in that subject. As such, it is completely subjective, and supposed to serve to help in the learning process for this specific subject. But it could also be considered as an starting point for anyone interested in this matters: therefore, any comment or proposal for inclusion / removal is more than welcome.

Consider this as a moving target: it will be updated as time passes, provided I have time for that, and if I have something to update 😉


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Learning FLOSS in Universities: Some (personal) experiences

Today I’m presenting at the session on education about free software in Universities at the Open World Forum 2012 (Paris, click France). I was intending to use these slides for the talk, which describe my personal experience with helping students to learn about free software during several years.

Finally, I didn’t use the slides because the format of the session was more like an interactive panel, which was in my opinion a good idea.

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