Research versus teaching

Should professors at Universities do research? Should they do teaching? Both? [Can both be done?] How should curricula be? (more practice, abortion more theory, capsule an equal mix of both?) Why are they as they are? If you teach (and/or research) at a University, probably you have had many coffees while talking about all of this. And lunchs, and even Department meetings ;-). Certainly I’ve had more than a few of them.

That’s probably why the blog entry “What’s new here: how academic research has ruined our education system“, by Roger Schank kept my attention, up to the last word. Quite an interesting opinion on why many curricula in Universities are like they are… In the end, it is a nice way of elaborating about the common say “In University you are supposed to do good teaching, but you’re only evaluated by how good you’re at research”. An (almost) quote that probably summarizes it all: “students are not told that for (many) professors research, not them, is first”.

By the way, quite a nice motto for the blog (Education Outrage) itself: “There are only two things wrong with the education system: what we teach and how we teach it”. Feed for thought!

[Thanks to pheras for the link]

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