A morning with Qbo

QboThis morning I was lucky enough to be visiting The Corpora offices, doctor where the Qbo robot is being born. After spending there some hours, talking to Francisco Paz and the rest of the team, I’m impressed about the robot, and the ideas behind it. The software running it is free software, packed in a distribution based in Ubuntu (OpenQbo), and most or maybe all of the designs for the hardware will also be freely available in the Net, which rises interesting issues about how it could be a real shaker in the domestic robots market. I would say that it has all the points to let a thriving community emerge. In fact, even before the actual robot is available outside The Corpora, several people are are already tinkering with the software distribution.

For now, the robot is making progress in some difficult areas, such as speech recognition or image processing. In fact, Qbo is conceived as a platform where all of us can experiment with new AI-related techniques in a relatively simple, relatively inexpensive, but real robot. And the Qbo team are already doing a good deal of this experimentation for the release of the robot.

But I would say that on top of those “technicalities”, Qbo is nice. It is quite easy to empathize with it. When it looks at your face… well, it is difficult to stay untouched. Now I’m really longing for it to be ready for prime time, which could be really soon.

More info about the current status and latest developments in the Qbo blog.

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  1. I knew this little cute geek thingy would touch your hearth… and your brain! 😉

    Let’s support spanish robotics!

  2. Thank you TheCorpora, to make reality in 2011 can have this small great robot in my house.
    This is an example of great work and good to make.

  3. Qbo seems to be excellent choice for hobbyists and students like me..
    I wish it could be affordable by students..
    I know it’s not released but do u have any idea about it’s cost; any guess??

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